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09 May 2011

The Lonely Island Album Art | Part 2

The Lonely Island
Turtleneck & Chain (2011)
1500px x 1500px / 449 KB

So when I originally came at you with The Lonely Island Part 1 back in December, I mentioned that these guys have a new album coming out in the spring. Well, this is it. Turtleneck & Chain is going to be released tomorrow, Tuesday 10 May, and I have a feeling it's going to do treat the members of this comedy troupe really well (since every track I've heard from it so far is pretty hilarious).

The album art cracks me up, and I can only wonder if these guys are going to succeed in bringing back this white pants, turtleneck, and chain look that is currently only "acceptable" in Miami (unless you're dressing like that as a joke, obviously haha).

Their latest single from the new album, "Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)" debuted on the night of 7 May on Saturday Night Live, and I have to admit, Michael Bolton's performance on the track (and in the video!) is electrifying.

Have you guys listened to The Lonely Island before or seen these guys on TV or in film (Hot Rod)? What do you guys think of their music?


  1. I've never really been into music comedy and I really don't like these guys. The album cover is cool though.

  2. lol I love musical comedy, although these guys are sometimes a little too vulgar for me haha XD

  3. I've only heard of Flight of the Conchords as musical comedy, so this was refreshing :D

  4. this was some serious lulz. also, glad you're back to blogging again.

  5. Oh man, first time I saw that video. Stiches, I tell ya, I'm in stitches.